German with English subtitle
1 x 90 mins
Worldwide except for Germany

The Trummlers have a dark reputation. The word “cursed” is mentioned repeatedly in the village: after the disappearance of their daughter Claudia 20 years ago – she was only eleven years old at the time – the father of the family hanged himself. The mother moved away shortly afterwards. Nobody ever heard from her again. The villagers have never quite forgotten the tragedy, and old wounds are reopened when Marion Reiter from the St. Pölten homicide squad takes up the investigation. She is assisted by the inexperienced but persistent local police officer Ulli Baumhackl. While the two of them delve ever deeper into the dark family secrets of the Trummlers, the new owner Benjamin Ludwig, a general practitioner from Vienna, moves into the enchanted house with his partner, Matthias. Benjamin and Matthias don’t seem to be bothered by the macabre history at first, but the shadows of the past soon catch up with them too…

Awards: Biberacher Filmfestspiele (2021): Bester Fernsehfilm (won)

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