1 x 90 min
German with English subtitle
Worldwide except for Germany

Ex “Topmodel” contestant Luna Oberbörsch is at the Linz train station with her luggage as she had been sure of a spot in a hip apartment shared by influencers. But it turns out that Luna does not have enough followers and so she is kicked out before she’s even unpacked. Programmer Heribert is in a similar situation: He actually wanted to present an app at a pitching contest that frees him and his development team from their dull helpdesk jobs. But Heribert’s attempt ends in an epic tantrum followed by a shitstorm. When Luna discovers Heribert, first in the viral video of his misstep and then in real life at a trendy bar, she is sure of one thing: Together they can make it. The wannabe influencer squeezes in the task of coaching Heribert and his team. The plan is for them to launch the app themselves and become the coolest startup in the whole city. But Rutger Stix – star of the Linz startup scene – also has something to say about it: Rutger has been Heribert’s archrival ever since he stole the brilliant idea that made the snooty Elon-Musk-wannabe a startup star in the first place. And now this Rutger also has his eye on Franzi – the programmer Heribert has been in love with for some time. All the more reason to knock Rutger off his startup throne.


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