German with English subtitle
1 × 90 min

Indy and Tina discover the body of a homeless man in an abandoned industrial zone and call the police. The young couple lives on the streets, too, and knew the dead man very well. At first, to the investigators, it looks like a quarrel amongst the homeless: a simple dispute over alcohol or money escalates, and in the end, one of the persons involved is left dead on the ground. However, the conclusions were drawn too hastily, because the investigators find a huge amount of psychotropic drugs at the crime scene and traces of crystal meth on the dead man’s clothes. Was the victim, Gregor Aigner, a drug dealer, and did that lead to the argument? Do Indy and Tina know more than they’re admitting? Gregor recently made Tina a beneficiary of his old life insurance policy. Did she want to collect the money? Did Tina and Gregor have a relationship, and got Indy rid of his opponent out of jealousy? Or was it the former journalist’s undoing that he might have been on to a big scoop?

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