In the Shadow of Fear 2 – Thou Shalt Not Lie

German with English subtitle
1 x 90 min
Worldwide except for Germany

A man is beaten to death on a remote riverbank. That same night, a young woman appears at the police station and confesses to the murder. For forensic psychologist Karla Eckhardt, the alleged perpetrator is not an unknown quantity: Two years ago, she testified that, in her expert opinion, Anna Lobrecht was a compulsive liar. It is quite possible that Lobrecht is not telling the whole truth this time either. Before Eckhardt knows it, she is caught up in a dangerous game of cat and mouse, a game in which there will only be losers. A breathtakingly exciting, fast-paced sequel to the award-winning psychological thriller starring Julia Koschitz. As a forensic psychiatrist, she assists Detective Inspector Irene Radek in solving a baffling murder case. Filmed largely in Austria’s capital Vienna and the surrounding area, numerous Austrian stars make an appearance in this multifaceted, haunting movie highlight.

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