Midsummer Night’s Murder

German with English subtitle
1 x 90 min

On an alpine pasture an old dairymaid puts a tarot card on the wooden table. The small group for whom the cards are being laid gazes in awe at the “death” card. A little later a young woman is found dead in a hollow in the alpine mountains, but when the police reach the rough terrain, the body has disappeared without a trace. The victim is a German tourist. Before her death, it seems, she gave an organist a lot of money as a donation towards building his organ tower. His girlfriend was incredibly jealous, as she always was whenever her friend won a tourist’s heart with his music. But she isn’t the only suspect. The tourist’s husband wasn’t happy with the dalliance either. He suspects the organist of having killed his wife and taken all the money. Everybody suspects every- one else. Nobody seems to put their cards on the table, not even the inspector who is expected to solve the case. Soon another tarot card is flipped open on the mountain pasture, but which one?


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