Miss Undertaker

OneGate Media
German with English subtitle
2 x 90 min

Business is not particularly good at Taubenbaum burials in Hepperlingen. The corpse of a young woman at a bus stop brings work, but since no one knows who it is, a not very lucrative burial at state expense is to be expected. This dead woman does not give Lisa any peace, a cardiac arrest at that age seems unusual to her. Her persistent investigations do indeed bring to light a number of inconsistencies and bring the Stuttgart inspector Thomas Zellinger into the picture, whom she likes to see again anyway. The dead woman’s car key leads Lisa to an accident car in the forest – and in its boot lies the body of old Mr. Dürr. Now the local council is also involved, because Dürr owned a hotly contested plot of land that plays a major role in the already contentious Hepperlingen expansion plans. Lisa takes on the risky task of clarifying the connection between the two dead.

1. Death Settles All Debts
2. Jane Doe

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