Road to Paradise

German with English Subtitle
1 x 90 min
Worldwide except for Germany

The two detectives Bibi Fellner and Moritz Eisner had just finished their last criminal case and wanted to return to their hometown. But their comeback is suddenly interrupted due to terrible news. Bibi’s father died. Adventitiously her father left Bibi an envelope. Much to her surprise the letter leads her to an unknown safe-deposit box: her father, who was totally penniless, leaves his daughter more than 30,000 euros! But where does the money come from? Mysteriously the financial heritage of another home resident, who died two weeks before, was also located in this safe-deposit box. During their further investigations they find out that the male residents of the nursing home went with a group of senior citizens to Hungary every Wednesday. And every Thursday they’ve brought money to the bank. First, it looks like medication smuggling to Bibi and Moritz, but then, after the series of deaths, the investigators find traces of crystal meth at the autopsy.

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