The Gates of Hell

German with English subtitle
1 x 90 min
Worldwide except for Germany

Manfred Gabler is found dead at the bottom of a staircase. Numerous injuries indicate that he could not have simply fallen, but had been severely assaulted in a hopeless struggle before his death. For Moritz Eisner (Harald Krassnitzer) and Bibi Fellner (Adele Neuhauser), initially there are very few clues around the place where the body was found but, from the start, some peculiarities are striking: Manfred Gabler was a Catholic priest, he had remarkably few social contacts – and, strangely enough, he was carrying an amulet with the Satan symbol. A possible reason for this is soon found: Prelate Gabler was active in a special mission, he was one of the few priests in the so-called liberation service, which still exists in many countries and dioceses – Gabler was what is commonly called an exorcist. Shortly before his death, Eisner and Fellner discover soon enough, he had an appointment with an unknown person “N” – possibly an important witness. But no one can tell the two who this person is, no one knows a name or an address. Moritz and Bibi take a closer look at the deceased’s environment. Gabler’s successor in office did not always agree with his methods, a somewhat eccentric scientist is interested in data Gabler is said to have possessed, the psychiatrist who regularly examined Gabler’s clients is pointedly tight-lipped, and what role does a former pimp (Roland Düringer) play in the case? And above all, where is the motive for murder?


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