The Job

OneGate Media
German with English subtitle
1 x 90 min

Miki Witt cannot get his head around it: A man was shot to death in front of his eyes! The 16-year old was just going to swipe a few beers when he witnesses how Lebanese clan boss Ahmed Sayed kills a federal cop. And soon it becomes clear that he was seen. Nonetheless, Miki decides to take the stand and turn witness for the prosecution. It is a hard decision, for him and his parents, Nikola and Klaus, who have been living in separation. And it is a hard break with his life. Officers Sarah Brandt, Marleen Westermann and Mario Lobeck are supposed to protect the family. But no matter how carefully planned the security is, catastrophe follows and Sarah Brandt realises that there might be a leak…

Cast: Anna Bederke, Anja Kling, Aaron Hilmer, Oliver Masucci, Georg Bloéb, Timur Isik, a.m.o.

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