The White Goblin

German with English subtitle
1 x 90 min
Worldwide except for Germany

Freddy Sternthaler, in his early 30s, tries to shine with excessive correctness, which makes him very unsuitable for his new job as a dispatcher for a Viennese logistics company, where they don’t take correctness very seriously. When Freddy finds out about the illegal smuggling of his boss Zeko, he sends him to the nearest bar to buy cigarettes. Art agent Ema Dragovic has completely different worries: Her brother Martin, an artist who is as talented as he is addicted, has mixed a kilogram of cocaine into his paints in a drunken stupor and painted it into a cycle of pictures. The only problem is that the substance did not belong to him, but to the owner of an exclusive Viennese nightclub. And he wants his property back. And he wants it now! Ema desperately needs help… Freddy’s help! But he regrets this all too soon, because the troubles become more and more serious as the night goes on, the henchmen are now after Freddy as well, he makes the dangerous acquaintance of the unpredictable billionaire Lorenz Brückner and gets to know a “real goblin” who almost lands him in jail. This seems quite a lot for one night, but is only the beginning…


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