OneGate Media
German with English subtitles
1 x 90 mins

Even though she loves the holidays, public order officer Pauline Schwebe would rather spend Christmas on her own. For her, Yuletide means one thing in particular: She has to endure her family’s well-meaning advice about her being single. Actually, she is quite content with her relationship status. Then, at a traffic light, she finds a wish list, scribbled in a child’s handwriting, in which little Leo Golombeck proposes a deal: If Santa sends them a lonely person to celebrate Christmas with, like a real family, he and his sister will get the desired presents. This wish list touches Pauline and it gives her an idea: In the spur of the moment, she invites Leo, his sister Lotte and their father Daniel to celebrate Christmas Eve with her and her family. There’s only one condition: In return, Daniel has to pretend to be her new boyfriend. What Pauline didn’t anticipate, though, are the little secrets and bigger misunderstandings that result in unforeseen consequences. Least of all, Pauline expected Daniel to win her parents’ heart and to surprise her with a very special present.

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