OneGate Media
German with English Subtitle
1 x 88 min

In a big city, Vera is doing a last service for the lonely people in need of care. On the edge of legality, she accompanies these people to suicide. She always sings an old lullaby to the dying as a calming song. Vera is depressed, lives alone and numbs her nightmares with drugs. Her next assignment takes her to Gerda, an 80-year-old woman who suffers from dementia. She is bedridden and lives alone in a house close to the forest. Her son, Marvin, who is finan-cially on the brink of an abyss, wants to end Gerda’s suffering and asks Vera for help. Vera agrees, but something seems to be wrong. Alone with Gerda, she prepares the deadly substance. When Vera sings the old lullaby before administering the poison, Gerda recognizes the song. It turns out that Gerda is terrified of something and has a connection to Vera’s mother. Gerda gives Vera a riddle about a valuable box hidden in the house. Only when Vera manages to solve the puzzle will she learn everything about the connection to Gerda. Vera sets off to search the house. She finds the first clue to the hiding place and discovers that Marvin intentionally restrains Gerda. The situation escalates.


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