4 x 45 min 

S1 – Episodes 01 – 04
Available worldwide except for Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Belorussia, Estonia, Litva, Lithuania, Kazakhstan

Dmitry Resnichkin is the author of popular novels. However, the readers do not know that it is Dmitry who actually wrote those books, because there is always a photograph and the name of a completely different person – Eduard Gromov – on the covers, who, in fact, does not write these novels, but publishes them. Why does one person write and another one deserve all the credit? Simply because Eduard is handsome. Talented, kind, but ugly, Dmitry is reclusive; he is married and his married life is happy. However, he does not suspect that his beloved wife does not think she is happy. Elena Resnichkina has been trying to fight for justice for three years. She wants to be the wife of a famous author, attend presentations, literary gatherings, television shows with him. Therefore … Elena persuades her husband to take a decisive step – to undergo plastic surgery. Dmitry agrees. On the eve of a trip to the clinic, a burglar breaks into a neighbour’s house and steals the most valuable painting, hiding in the house while the police investigate the scene of the crime. He seizes the moment and pretends to be the owner of the house, takes Dmitry’s clothes and car (not knowing that the brakes are not working properly). At dawn, the car is found in the river: documents and things found in the water indicate that the owner of the car, the writer Resnichkin, has drowned. The body was not found, there is a strong current in the river. Meanwhile, the real Dmitry Resnichkin is sleeping soundly in the clinic after plastic surgery. Elena will have to choose: love or money, love or ambitions, love or vanity. The burglar has not died, the mafia is looking for the stolen painting, and it is traced to their house. And last but not least, Elena does not know that once the bandages are removed from her husband… a man of rare beauty will be found underneath them.


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