Bukow & König

OneGate Media
German with English subtitle (10 episodes only)
24 x 90 min (1 new episode)

Alexander Bukow works fast, goal-oriented and sometimes on the margins of the law. He knows Rostock, the seaside town on the Baltic Coast, like his own back garden and has contacts on every corner. He can be very charming, wraps friends and enemies around his fingers, but never reveals much about himself. After spending his childhood in Rostock, he moved to Berlin and joined the police force. There he did patrol car duties, studied further to get higher school certificates and eventually made it to detective superintendent. Bukow is married and has two small children.

Katrin König has a perfect reputation as an analyst and profiler and is appreciated by one and all for her assessments and concentrated professionalism. Katrin believes in absolute justice and fights for it! She never lets anyone get the better of her. She knows how to hit the nail on the head by always finding the right words to say. Her colleagues can count on her 100%; but she alone decides just how close someone can get to her, both professionally and in her private life.

1. One of us
2. Aquarius
3. Concept of the enemy
4. Game over
5. Bear one another’s burdens
6. Silence
7. Fishermen’s end
8. Between worlds
9. Love mania
10. Family affairs
11. Cranial confusion
12. Turning manoeuvre I
13. Turning manoeuvre II
14. In the shadows
15. Fear justifies the means
16. One for all, and all for Rostock
17. In flames
18. Child care
19. For Janina
20. Dark twin
21.Rostock’s sons
22.The day will come
23. Sabine
24. None of us

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