Days That Never Were

German with English subtitle
8 x 48 min
Worldwide except for Germany

The story of four women whose friendship is put to the test. But when it comes down to it, the gang of four sticks together – just like in the old days. The daily image of black SUVs and sleek sports cars in front of the “Sophianum” makes it clear: this is where parents bring their children to an elite school. Among them are Miriam, Doris, Inès and Christiane – four women who have been friends since their own school days at the “Sophianum”. Together they have experienced ups and downs, joy and sorrow, successes and defeats. They are close and they stand up for each other. But there is also something standing between them. Miriam (Franziska Weisz), a successful prosecutor and mother of three, has her own personal secrets. This not only causes her marriage with Joachim to fail. She has to make a decision… Doris (Diana Amft) successfully runs a logistics company. If it weren’t for her overbearing mother, whose secrets make Doris’ life a mess. Inès (Jasmin Gerat) returns to Zollberg after years in Paris. She hopes that her old home will now also become that of her family. Her son Olivier, however, sees things completely differently. Writer Christiane (Franziska Hackl) deals with what is probably the worst loss a mother can suffer. Her friends are there for her and in small steps she finds her way back into life. But will she also find her way back to her husband? As if all this would not be enough, a team of investigators from Vienna shows up and examines an accident that suddenly turns into a murder case. This puts the trust and the bond of the four friends to a hard test…


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