Federal Police Officer Falke

OneGate Media
German with English subtitle (10 episodes only)
18 x 90 min (3 new episodes)

Chief Inspector Thorsten Falke, played by Wotan Wilke Möhring, grew up in the Hamburg suburb of Billstedt. As a very Young man he had to decide which side of the law he would like to be on. Falke decided on a career within the police force and sees the struggle against crime as something personal. He knows the laws of the street from his youth and this often helps him in his investigations today.
Inspector Thorsten Falke is single, as he made a difficult decision: career or family. According to him, both are not compatible. He has a 14-year-old son from an affair he once had with a married woman, who doesn’t know who his real father is. Falke lives on his own, although every now and again he is visited by an old alley cat, who the inspector named Elliot.

1. Facing the heat
2. Bloody Idyll
3. Cold start
4. Happy Easter, Falke
5. The Syrian war
6. Burnt
7. Wrath of god
8. Evil ground
9. Dark times
10. Anything you say
11. On the hunt
12. Ricochet
13. Golden times
14. Deadly flood
15. The power of family
16. Tyrannicide
17. Shadows

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