Four Women and a Funeral

ORF-E | 2005 – 2017
German with English subtitle (5 episodes only)
45 min / ep
Episodes 01 – 66 (48 eps in HD)

Julie, Maria, Sabine and Henriette – four remarkable women sharing an exceptional pastime – join forces in order to bring some excitement to the boring village life by suspecting murder in all those cases which initially seem to point to the opposite. Never failing to be present at any village funeral, they investigate the deaths by unnatural causes in a highly unconventional way. In the second season of the series, Henriette helps out Julie with a friendly turn, indispensable to Julie’s life and as a consequence has to go to jail for quite some time. Mona, a young community doctor with investigative skills and medical expertise, joins the team. Due to her work abroad her sister Lola quickly takes her place in the third season and it doesn’t take long until the next case gets them going. When Mona has to leave the village at the beginning of the fourth season, the young girl Pippa teams up with the Four Women and unknowingly reveals a family secret of Julie.


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