OneGate Media
German with English Subtitle (2 episodes only)
7 x 90 min

The Hotel Heidelberg is located in an idyllic setting, a delightful house at the foot of the Schlossberg. The junior manager of the family-run business, Annette Kramer, finds herself exposed to a great deal of stress, due mainly to the hotel guests and their growing demands, but especially her headstrong mother, Hermine. She is the charming, funky founder of the hotel and is loath to hand the reins over to her own daughter. As far as Annette is concerned, her mother’s permanent interferences are a catastrophe.

1. Kramer Vs. Kramer (ES)
2. Coming And Going (ES)
3. Day by Day
4. Kid, Kids
5. Hard To Be A Daddy
6. Until Death Do Us Part New
7. The New Owners New

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