Inspector Nick Tschiller

OneGate Media
German with English subtitles
5 x 90 mins

Starring Til Schweiger (Inglourious Basterds, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Far Cry)
Episodes 1 – 4 directed by Christian Alvart (Pandorum, Case 39, Antikörper)

Nick Tschiller went off book and solo, once again, and this time he is facing a disciplinary hearing. His daughter, Lenny, is worried and wants to keep him busy. She sends him to Neuwerk, where her former teacher, Patti Schmidt, is running a boarding house for kids with behavioral problems. Nick takes well to the new job and works with the teenagers. Meanwhile, back on the main land, Yalcin Gümer and the new colleague Robin Pien, in cooperation with the cybercrime division, are investigating a case of drug distribution via the darknet. They find the brothers Tom and Eddie Nix and want them to turn state witness, pushing for them to be placed in a safe house in Spain. But Eddie is shot by a sniper on their way to the Frankfurt airport, when the transport is making a rest stop. Gümer fears a mole in his unit, as only an inner circle of colleagues has had access to the itinerary. There is only one place that he can stash the traumatized Tom – with Nick Tschiller on the remote island of Neuwerk. But Eddie’s assassin is already hot on Gümer’s trail…

Episode 1. Nick’s Law
Episode 2. Nick’s Revenge
Episode 3. Nick’s Pain
Episode 4. The Big Nick
Episode 6. Tschill Out

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