Justice for All

OneGate Media
German with English subtitle (2 episodes only)
65 x 50 min (5 seasons)

In the series“Justice for all”, Isa von Brede, Yasmin and Gudrun have to cope with the fact that their boss, Gregor Ehrenberg, has simply disappeared without having said a word. Why did he leave the office and his dog, Teddy, behind?
Fear becomes certainty: he will not be returning to the lawyer’s office. Isa is the first to show what she is made of in this situation and proclaims firmly: The legal Office will not be closed! Well, a tough decision, especially as she has no idea how to continue without Ehrenberg. In a makeshift fashion, Isa, Yasmin and Gudrun keep the lawyer’s office up and running. Can the lawyer Markus Gellert help save the honourable establishment? Gellert, who respects Isa after he once found himself pitted against her in court, continuously offers his services for individual cases. But just what does a lawyer who specialises in lucrative Commercial law cases really want in a simple lawyer’s office?
What does a man who drives a luxury car, despite a permanent overdraft and who pays maintenance to two former wives, want from Isa? Yasmin and Gudrun see Markus as more of an intruder, who would love nothing more than to replace Ehrenberg. Isa is simply glad that Gellert competently represents the clients she has no time left for herself.

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