Lisbon Law

OneGate Media
German with English subtitle
6 x 90 min

The fall from grace was hard and fast, but former star prosecutor Eduardo has made some bad decisions in life and now has to live out of a run-down hotel room and rebuild an existence as a public defender of the most reviled cases in Lisbon. Thank god for his brilliant, young assistant Marcia, who keeps him steady and whose help he will need to defend Joana. The woman has been charged with the murder of her husband after neighbors witnessed a massive row between the couple – the man later turning up dead. Joana herself has no alibi for the time of the murder and looks as guilty as they come. But something is off – Eduardo and Marcia investigate and find the deceased involved in an organized crime scam concerning the medical drug trade…

1. The corpse in the Tejo
2. Old dues
3. Departure
4. Playing with fire
5. Condemned to be silent
6. The lost daughter


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