Lost in Fuseta

OneGate Media
German with English subtitles
4 x 90 min / 2 New Episodes

As part of a European administrative exchange program, Lost is sent to the small fishing town of Fuseta, where he encounters an interesting and challenging case. Together with his local colleagues he has to solve the murder of a private investigator who was involved in a high stake’s corruption scandal at the local water plant. And while local police detectives Graciana Rosado and Carlos Esteves still wonder about the kook that German colleagues sent their way, Lost has to navigate the team and find his place – which leads to several funny mishaps and certainly some drama. But it is the start of a great team… In addition, the stunningly beautiful Portugese Soraia shakes up Lost’s rigorous mental routine.

Part I
Part II
Part III (NEW)
Part IV (NEW)

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