OneGate Media
German with English subtitles
S1 – 16 x 50 min
S2 – 16 x 50 min
S3 – 15 x 50 min
S4 – 13 x 50 min
S5 – 16 x 50 min
S6 – 16 x 50 min
S7 – 16 x 50 min
S8 – 16 x 50 min
S9 – 16 x 50 min (new season)


Super investigator Finn Kiesewetter escaped the hustle and bustle of his profession and settled down on an eco-farm in the German county of Brandenburg. But then a blaze put paid to all of his lifelong dreams and cash reserves. And from one moment to the next, Kiesewetter finds himself unexpectedly confronted with the past: with a job in the town in which he spent his youth, in a room at the home of his well-meaning aunts which hasn’t changed since he last stayed there and with a female boss, who many years ago was once his puppy love. But behind Lübeck’s respectable façade of Hanseatic pride and Gothic brickwork, crime lurks, which in turn means that a great deal of work is waiting for Finn Kiesewetter.

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