OneGate Media
German with English subtitle
18 x 90 min (one new episode)

Former city policeman Hauke Jacobs wants to start over and lead a completely different life. He has opened a veterinary practice in the sleepy coastal community of Schwanitz. Unfortunately, mysterious crimes continually thwart his scheme.
Much to the delight of tough policewoman Lona Vogt and Jule Christensen, the female vet who would love to leave her daily chores behind to be a criminal investigator, too…

1. Captain Hook
2. The wild Sven
3. Estonia
4. The transport
5. Good hunting
6. Sandy
7. Mrs. Irmler
8. Gold!
9. Things in life
10. A killer and a half
11. A private matter
12. The attack
13. Conny and Maik
14. In the name of the father
15. Next door Andy
16. The Ring
17. Wild dogs

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