OneGate Media
German with English subtitles
18 x 90 mins (6 new episodes)

Nora Kaminski used to be a doctor on a luxury cruise ship before her career turned belly-up. Now, she is practically left with nothing and depends on her old college buddy Dr. Richard Freese for help. He manages to secure a job for her in his local clinic on the island of Rügen. But things aren’t so easy for the charming and cheerful soul from the Ruhr Valley in her new surroundings in the far north. The islanders regard Nora with an ample measure of scepticism and refuse to be treated by her. On top of that, Nora is facing problems with her new landlord. Finally, the true reason why Nora has lost her old job comes to light – the last straw to break the camel’s back. Nora is about to pack it all in, when Richard once again lends a helping hand.

1. Welcome to Rügen
2. Brothers and sons
3. The lawsuit
4. Among campers
5. The lonely swimmer
6. Another shore
7. Old friends
8. Desire
9. Family ties
10. Beating of the heart
11. Father’s day
12. Close to the wind
13. Mother and son
14. What really matters
15. Self-employed

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