Soko Linz

German with English subtitle (3 episodes only)
39 x 45 min
S1 – Episodes 01 – 13
S2 – Episodes 14 – 26 (2022)
S3 – Episodes 27 – 39 (2024)
Available Worldwide except for Germany

The “Soko Linz” Special Commission is run as a police cooperation center, deployed in the border triangle of Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic, and also counts on the friendly Austro-German relationship in terms of personnel. In 13 cross-border cases, resolute Chief Inspector Johanna “Joe” Haizinger and the considerate Chief Commissioner Ben Halberg investigate everything, from Linz’s up-and-coming technology sector to the homeless scene, between witness protection programs and the hunt for serial killers. The duo is supported by their young boss, Chief Commissioner Nele Oldendorf and forensic pathologist Richard “Richie” Vitek, who is repeatedly required to take on the role of the unwilling therapist whenever there’s tension within the team. Aleks Malenov is their cheerful assistant and the good soul of the Soko team, while Yara Nejem, the facility manager, is the secret boss of the station house. Ben’s daughter Emilia Ertl is also on board, constantly keeping her father on his toes with her bright and lively personality. Together, the Soko team refuses to be deterred by any adversity, and solves every crime with a good portion of skill and charm.


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