4 x 45 min 

S1 – Episodes 01 – 04
Available worldwide except for Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Belorussia, Estonia, Litva, Lithuania, Kazakhstan

The story is about a man who is ready to deal with difficulties and help others, educate them and instill the best values in them. A story about the first feelings at school, the importance of not being afraid of mistakes and the right to get a second chance, both for children and adults. Leonid is a former head of a high-security prison, but he has to teach at a school for troubled children. 16-year-old Margot, the daughter of a school cleaner, ends up in prison because of her upbringing in an abusive family. She is a nice girl at heart, she was sent to prison by mistake, and when she is released she becomes the “right” girl so that everybody likes her. Because only such people, in her opinion, achieve success in life. She starts her “new life” with a little lie: she says that her dad is a diplomat and she moved from abroad in order to study here, at home. In addition, Margot’s mother once had an affair with Leonid, when they were students. He doesn’t recognize the “picture of beauty” in the dull school cleaner, though Leonid’s wife left him because he gave too much time to his work with prisoners and believed in the magical power of re-education. He was nearly hit by a car, miraculously escaped, and … met a friend who, in exchange for returning him his ranks, asked him to work for some time as a headmaster of a school with a very bad reputation. At school No. 5, Leonid will meet his first love, unravel many secrets, find out about the atrocities committed by the teachers, understand why the school has so many problems, and become an example for very troubled teenagers.w on, Viktoria and Marina are frenemies, the worst girlfriends.


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