8 x 45 min 

S1 – Episodes 01 – 08
Available worldwide except for Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Belorussia, Estonia, Litva, Lithuania, Kazakhstan

This is the story of a poor girl named Viktoria, who dreams of getting rich quickly and being accepted in the design world, and the influential Alexander. Due to a misunderstanding, Viktoria takes Alexander for a petty clerk. Taking advantage of his goodwill, she decides to use Alexander to achieve her goals. However, she is kept from doing so by unexpected affection towards him. Viktoria is 23 years old, she works at a local factory and dreams of a career as a chinaware designer at a famous Chinaware company. In addition to her talent, Viktoria has parents who are broke and in desperate need of help. And a relationship with a guy who does not really value it and took out a bank loan on her behalf. One day a message comes from the capital: the Chinaware company is ready to hire Viktoria for a trial period. Viktoria learns that she got this job thanks to… her former classmate Marina. This is surprising. During their school years, they were not friends: Marina, the most beautiful girl of the school, mocked clumsy yet smart Viktoria in every possible way. Marina’s future husband has a partner, Alexander, who heads the company’s branch abroad. Viktoria has to endure a humiliating position and instead of a real job as a designer, runs small errands for Marina. Viktoria decides to take the initiative. She finds a way to pitch the project to the head of the company. He examines the development and becomes enthusiastic over it. Marina is doing everything to discredit Viktoria with Dmitry and the whole company. The intrigue succeeds: Viktoria gets kicked out of the company. While leaving the office, Viktoria nearly falls under the wheels of the car driven by Alexander… Viktoria finds the strength to start from scratch and move to a new goal – to become rich and famous, and to punish her bullies. From now on, Viktoria and Marina are frenemies, the worst girlfriends.


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