Walking on Sunshine

German with English Subtitle (31 episodes only)
40 x 45 min (3 seasons)

A colorful ensemble of characters with their very individual highs and lows, secrets, and dreams. Which new adventures the team of the broadcaster’s weather department will get involved in, will be revealed in the new season that is coming out soon! Season I: Otto is a renowned former news anchor who is about to resume broadcasting after a long period of sick leave caused by a too great fondness for the hard stuff. The only thing is that there’s no job for him. Unless as a weather forecaster – which of course Otto hasn’t got a clue about. Department head Tilia takes a very different view. She’s not going to let Otto ruin all her work. Season II: Following the tumultuous finale of season 1, a storm of emotions now awaits the weather team. After putting her professional chaos in order, Tilia faces a turbulent change of weather caused by the German investor Ekkehart Jennes, her husband Karl Czerny-Hohenburg, whom she sees in a completely new light, and of course her former intern Lukas Jaric. Conny’s future is brighter: the mysterious Willi is very interested in her. Otto’s life also seems great, except that he always wants to be the best and the greatest but still has no idea about the weather. Season III: Otto Czerny Hohenburg suffers from his low in popularity and tries everything to get back on the front pages – but then everything turns out differently and he is torn out of his routine in a particularly unpleasant way. Tilia, on the other hand, seems to have achieved her goal: she is the general director of ORF. But it wouldn’t be Tilia if she wasn’t challenged anew – either by her daughter Conny, who now gets to play the new head of the weather department at ORF, or by the new wife of her ex-husband and now househusband Karl Czerny Hohenburg, who is none other than the Chancellor of the Republic of Austria. And while everyone wonders what has become of Lukas, he actually wants to return to his old life, which makes especially the young mother Jana happy. Yet, the road ahead will certainly be tough.

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