Colors of Water

1 x 45 min

Water: As drinking water, we appreciate it in crystal-clear, colorless form. On vacation, we wish for a blue, perhaps even turquoise sea. What color is water really? Why are some waters green, others red, deep blue or even yellow? This documentary shows Austria’s waters in all their colors. Experts explain what makes Carinthian mountain lakes clear and the Danube blue, and what role physics and water chemistry play. Lake Neusiedl’s milky turbidity is vital to its continued existence, but the steppe lake’s natural water composition is in danger. The color of bodies of water indicates their constituents and makes them suitable habitats for certain animals and plants. The color and inhabitants of water can also evoke associations: for example, a clear stream inhabited by tropical fish and a mystical body of water called the “sea eye” can be found in the Alps.

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