Horses in the Storm – Sardinia’s Rocky Sanctuary | 暴风雨中的马—撒丁岛的岩石避难所 (4K)

1 x 52 min
Worldwide except Germany and France

High on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia lies the harsh, rocky Giara plateau. Hundreds of horses run wild here, a special breed brought to the island by Shardana settlers 4,000 years ago and abandoned when no longer needed for transport and power. Their tight-knit families and keen jealousies are observed by the craggy shepherd Porfirio, himself the descendant of Shardana pioneers. Within minutes of their birth, Giara foals gallop fearlessly through the rock-strewn terrain. Weeks later their mothers are already fielding the attentions of stallions ready to do anything to perpetuate their genes. Porfirio has three favorites: the young stallion Nero, father of two foals, too cool for school with his flamboyant hairstyle; Nero’s father, the Old King, battle-scarred master of the plateau’s lakes, now showing his first signs of weakness. While Dirty Boy – true to his name – steal, schemes and scams for the chance to mate. Porfirio watches as their idyllic springtime, spent supping from flower-covered ponds, turns to high summer, when their lakes become parched volcanic rock, and all food and water disappears. In the drought, survival comes before mating. Foals that don’t make it are scavenged by fox-cubs and wild boar, while the surviving horses fight over territory and the last blades of fresh grass. Nero finds another solution – and leads his family to a surprising food supply! Nero, the Old King, Dirty Boy and their neighbors vie with each other for dominance, territory and mating-rights in this poetic, moving and beautifully photographed story.


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