Ottchil Art – Asia’s Soul (4K)

2 x 52 mins

Have you ever seen an Ottchil artwork? It’s difficult to avert your eyes once you have taken a look. They’re made of a natural paint obtained from the sap of the Ottchil tree, which is native to Asia. Only four countries make artworks with natural Ottchil. Korea, China, Japan, and Vietnam have all developed their own variations of Ottchil art. Ottchil kept the Tripitaka Koreana, the complete collection of Buddhist scriptures carved on eighty thousand wood blocks, free from corrosion for 750 years. It is said that properly painted Ottchil makes things live forever. Modern research shows that Ottchil is also excellent for expressing deep and rich colors, and many artists and craftsmen are now devoting their lives to exploring the potential and processes of this rare Asian art form.

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