Short-term Sister

German with English subtitle
3 x 25 mins / 1 x 30 mins / 1 x 45 mins / 1 x 73 mins
Worldwide except for Germany

Philipp and Vanessa are siblings, although somehow they are not: the two grew up as peers – until the moment when Vanessa disappears from Philipp’s life. At that time, he is six years old. Philipp, who is now an adult, doesn’t know any details. Vanessa, who came as a foster child, was given away after two and a half years. Seventeen years after Vanessa left, Philipp follows the traces of his family history. In his search, Philipp encounters the trauma of his mother and father, the (self-)accusations and evasions of the family, fear of criticism from external parties – and finally, Vanessa herself.

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