Tasty Theater Tales

1 x 63 min

The film explores the culinary preferences and habits of those who work at Vienna’s Burgtheater. Its history is also a culinary history – because people not only work in the Burgtheater but also celebrate there – at premieres, at dinners, on special festivals and holidays. But of course, everyday theatre life also involves food – from the director to the stagehand, everyone has their routine daily meals. We take a look behind the scenes: At the packed lunches of the stagehands, at the coffee preferences of the performers, and at the “survival pack” for tough rehearsals. Some of the actors and actresses are also the namesakes of special creations – having had their “regular dishes” in the cafés around the Burgtheater. The film tells of their special requests: Of chives that must only be served very fresh, of the “power broth” that is only drunk from a small cup, or the cold Frankfurter sausages that taste amazingly good. The canteen of the Burgtheater also makes an appearance: The audience gets to see the culinary preferences of the stars of the stage and how the recipes are brought to life.

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