1 x 52 min
Available worldwide except for Germany and France

The name “Rothschild” became synonymous with immense wealth. The Rothschilds are associated with success and luxury, but also with centuries of alliances with absolutist rulers and the financing of wars and oppression. To this day, the Rothschild family remains a target of anti-Semitic attacks, conspiracy theories, and persecution. How did the Rothschilds amass their legendary fortune? How did the family rise from the Frankfurt ghetto to become one of the world’s most powerful financial dynasties? At the peak of their power at the end of the 19th century, the family empire stretched from Vienna and Frankfurt to Paris and London. This compelling docudrama examines the family’s history through the eyes of Miriam Rothschild, a renowned and respected scientist of the 20th century. Immersive LED studio technology is used to bring centuries of Rothschild history into the present day. This innovative technique creates a brand-new viewing experience, taking the audience on a visually and emotionally fascinating journey into the Rothschild’s surreal and glamorous world of unimaginable wealth – a world that stands in stark contrast to the family’s own humble beginnings and the poverty and exploitation that vast majority of the population experienced in the 19th century.

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