Turtle Hero – A Cold Blooded Passion (4K)

1 x 52 min
Worldwide except for Germany and France

Like any young boy Peter Praschag loved animals and wanted a pet, but not a cat or a dog. His passion was for cold-blooded reptiles: turtles. Today he is a world expert on freshwater turtles and a leading conservationist. One species especially has become an obsession. Not only is it the largest freshwater turtle on the planet, it is also probably the rarest animal on Earth. Only three Yangtze Softshell Giant turtles are positively known to exist: a male and a female in China and a third in a lake in Vietnam. With assistance from other experts Peter hopes to capture that last wild individual, and thereby save the species from extinction! The film visits India and Bangladesh too, showing Peter safeguarding astonishingly varied examples of the oldest and most endangered vertebrates on Earth.

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