Wild Austria – Created by Water | 狂野奥地利-因水而生 (4K)

2 x 52 min
Worldwide  except for France and Germany 

Part I: Frozen Peaks
Part II: Rivers and Plains

Austria’s love affair with water has given her unique and amazing landscapes, carved out by Alpine glaciers, ancient seas and mighty rivers, home to iconic animals like eagles, wild boar, ibex, lynx and deer. Frozen or flowing, water has astonishing power. Glaciers gouge and scrape mountains into bizarre forms over millions – or just thousands – of years. Receding glaciers scoop out and fi ll lakes, but even these finally dry out, letting the forests take over. Rivers and waterfalls slice through mountains, dragging millions of tons of gravel to the lowlands and spreading new habitats: nesting for little ringed plover, and beds for airborne sycamore seeds to take root, binding the new land. Merganser ducks nest in abandoned woodpecker holes high in riverside trees. After a dozen siblings have hatched, the tiny ducklings leap after their mother, falling up to ten metres to the water below. Straight away theymcan swim. But learning to fish is more of a trial – with plenty of error! In Austria‘s world-famous bird sanctuary at Lake Neusiedl, the cuckoo conceals its intentions well. Hiding in the reeds, it tricks many birds – but not all – into raising its demanding, murderous o¬ spring. Austria – Created by Water combines overwhelming spectacle with miniature high drama, portraying a country where water in all its forms brings beauty – and life.

奥地利举世闻名的鸟类保护区努西德尔湖有着它的秘密。杜鹃躲在芦苇里,很好地隐藏了它的意图,欺骗一些鸟(但不是所有的)好让它可以在艰辛的环境里抚养它的小孩。《奥地利-因水而生》融合了壮观场面与高度戏剧性的微型场景,展现了水是如何美化这个国家 。

Awards :Waimea Ocean Film Festival, Hawaii (2020): Best Film: Wildlife (won)
China International Green Film Week (2019): Golden Panda Documentary Film Award (won)
NaturVision Filmfestival, Ludwigsburg (2019): Best Camera (won)


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