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Resilient, strong and proud – the magnificent Scots Pine tree is a true symbol of Scotland, of its colourful past, dynamic present and now – a hopeful symbol of a brave future. Standing firm against the assaults of a fickle climate on the very edge of Europe – the Scots pine is at the heart of a magnificent ecosystem offering a home to hundreds of other life-forms from the iconic Golden Eagle to the rare capercaillie and the feisty red squirrel. But as one of our longest living species it’s also been witness to Scotland’s history – where a wild Highland landscape and its people have changed beyond recognition in 500 years. Now as we rekindle our relationship with and our need for the natural world, and the re-wilding movement gathers pace, Scots pines are being seeded once more – re-claiming their ancient homelands and offering a vision of the Ancient forest of Caledon and a home to the incredible wild animals of the Scottish Highlands. Wildheart is the story of one special and ancient Scots Pine tree. The witness to events in the human and natural worlds across the 500 years of its life. As we see the tree grow, we meet some legendary characters from Scottish history and encounter the special wild animals that make their homes in this magical tree and its forest home.

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