My daughter, Crete, and I

OneGate Media
1 x 90 min

Dreamy beaches, ancient culture, a tiny village on the coast – it could have so nice and idyllic. As it happens, the carefully planned, cultured vacation that father and daughter had in mind soon turns into a comically chaotic roadtrip through the rugged landscape of Sfakia in the island’s southern region. Volker is an editor, divorced, and father of a pubescent daughter. And he is a major fan of Greek mythology, which even made him – much to her chagrin – name his daughter Daphne. This is the first time that both are on vacation together without Daphne’s mother. And Volker wants to prove once and for all how great a father he is and what an all-around great guy. But he soon realises that his daughter has become one of those mindless phone-staring teenagers. How can it be that his daughter does not see all the beauty of this secluded Cretan seaside village? It all points towards a troubled vacation… until Daphne only has eyes for the young Greek Dimitri. It helps that Volker meets the breath-taking yoga instructor Barbara, that is until her traditional and jealous finance Manolis shows up. He instructs Volker a bit roughly that in this secluded village people still honour traditions and folklore. Their first trip together suddenly turns into a challenge for father and daughter.

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