OneGate Media
German with English subtitle
22 x 90 min

The mother and daughter team, Karin Lossow, former district attorney and Detective Chief Superintendent Julia Thiel investigate criminal cases on the contemplative Baltic Sea island of Usedom. But their personal relationship is put to a permanent hard test, as in the heat of the moment several years ago, Karin killed Julia’s father …

1. Murder House
2. The Stain
3. Angel Maker
4. Smoke Screen
5. Red Herring
6. Winter’s Light
7. Ghost Ship
8. A Mother’s Love
9. Jetsam and Floatsam
10. Dreams
11. Nightshade
12. Threshold
13. You Give Some, You Loose Some
14. Uninvited Guests
15. Kidnapped
16. The Long Good Bye
17. Good News
18. Snow White
19. At the End of the Road
20. tbc
21. tbc
22. tbc

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