Africa’s Wild West – Stallions of the Namib Desert

ORF-E | 2014
1 x 45 mins; 52 min
Worldwide except for Germany and France

In 1918 German and South African war-horses, no longer needed, were released into the bone-dry, burning Namibian desert. How could they survive in one of the world’s most beautiful but parched and rugged landscapes? Miraculously, they have held on until today, crossing the desert to find sparse patches of grass, then returning to the single well, built in colonial days. They share it with perfectly adapted oryxes, while marauding spotted hyenas patrol close by. Far inland, in ghost towns long since abandoned by diamond hunters, snakes, chameleons and dew-drinking beetles compete for food among the drifting sands. Along the coast from the abandoned factories hundreds of thousands of seals come ashore to breed, their babies mercilessly hunted by jackals and brown hyenas, while penguins look on, safe on their offshore island.

Awards: Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards (2015): Silver Dolphin (won)
Deauville Green Awards (2015): Gold Award (won)
Deauville Green Awards (2015): Gold Winner: Sustainable Nature & Preservation (won)
International Emmy Awards (2015): Best Documentary (nominated)
Television and Film Awards, New York (2015): Gold World Medal (won)

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