Berlin’s Treasure Trove – The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation

DW Transtel | 2019
2 x 45 min (384911)
2 x 52 min (382912)
1 x 90 min (384913)

Berlin is home to an outstanding treasure trove, the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. It is one of the five largest encyclopaedic collections in the world, comprising 19 museums with more than five million objects, a huge library, archives and research institutes, covering a vast range of cultures, artforms and epochs from the Stone Age to the present day.
Scholars and visitors explore this collection for answers to the burning questions facing humankind: How can we tap the resources of the Earth while also living in harmony with it? How can we deal responsibly with our history? How can our culture heritage help us to understand and shape reality?
Berlin’s museums are not just centers of research and temples of beauty, they also reverberate with countless fascinating stories.

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