The Return of the Aurochs a.k.a Born to be Wild – The Taurus Project

1 x 52 min
Worldwide except for Germany and France 

“Born to be Wild – The Taurus Project” is the captivating story of an ambitious attempt to make up for one of humanity’s greatest wrongdoings: driving an entire species to extinction. The film documents the efforts to bring one of Europe’s largest terrestrial animals back to life, an animal that shaped the land of this continent like no other but that ceased to exist centuries ago: the aurochs. The return of this majestic species of wild cattle is part of a much greater story – of allowing wilderness back into Europe. Although the continent’s human population has grown, there is now more space for wildlife than in previous centuries and younger generations have taken up the fight for a more natural, wilder continent. The aurochs is the symbol of this struggle: the domesticated yet untamed nature of these mythical creatures perfectly matches the vision of a modern Europe in tune with nature.

AWARD-WINNER: 2023 NaturVision Camera Award

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