Brazil – Role Model Donald Trump?

ORF-E | 2020
1 x 30 min

Worldjournal shows how the poor population in particular has been disadvantaged and forgotten by the Bolsonaro government. The residents of the favelas are at the mercy of the coronavirus pandemic and have to resort to self-help. It’s where the death toll is highest and where there has been the most damage to the residents’ usually precarious employment and meager incomes. In the meantime, Bolsonaro has fired the Minister of Health and replaced him with a military man with no medical expertise whatsoever. Almost half of his ministers are from the armed forces, many of whom are members of one of the ultra-conservative evangelical free churches. “We have to be brutal; we kill far too few,” says a major in the dreaded military police who was promoted to the city council of Rio de Janeiro under Bolsonaro.

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