Dorboz – Tightrope Dancers from Uzbekistan

1 x 45 min
Worldwide except for Germany and France

The documentary tells the story of an Uzbek group of tightrope dancers. Every summer, they roam from village to village, performing their art on bazaars, marriages and fairs. Dorboz, as the wirewalkers of Uzbekistan call themselves, look back on a juggling-tradition, which has been unique in the whole world for more than 1000 years.There are about 20 groups of tightrope dancers – most of them located in Ferghana Valley. The small Uzbek town Kuva, round the eastern regions of Farghana Valley, is known as the spiritual capital for the tightrope dancers. It was here where the most significant Dorboz-masters used to live and act. For the people of Ferghana Valley, rope dancing is an integral part of their culture – the culture of ordinary people. There are no tickets for their shows. People just join in to watch and spend a little of what they have. The documentary is not only close to the protagonists, but also takes time to introduce the landscape, the villages and the people living there.

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