Electronic Dance Music – A Top Export from Germany

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Every summer DJs like Felix Jaehn and Alle Farben clock up more air miles than some airline pilots, conquering the international charts from their laptops. They produce hit songs, and have made German-style Deep House popular in Australia, Japan and the US.

We accompany Alle Farben, Felix Jaehn and Trance pioneer Paul van Dyk to some gigs. Jaehn performs at Summer Sound in Latvia, the biggest festival in the Baltic region. Frans Zimmer aka Alle Farben has to contend with torrential rain and a power outage at the Parookaville festival in Germany. And at a rave in San Francisco Paul van Dyk tells us why he keeps performing in the aftermath of a near-fatal accident during a concert.

They each attained fame and fortune in their twenties. What drives them on? The three DJs tell us about their different views on music, success and the music business. It’s a scene in which nobody becomes a star ‘just like that’. Their life is not all glamour and glory. It is also very tough; it takes hard work and self-discipline. It means late nights and long periods far from home, spending the summers traveling from festival to festival.

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