Elsewhere: Alone in Africa

OneGate Media
German with English subtitle
1 x 105 min

395 days, 15,000 km, 15 countries.
Cape Town. On his 24th birthday geophysicist Anselm heads out on a journey through Africa with two friends. On their fully laden bicycles they explore South Africa for three months until the trio surprisingly splits in the scorching Kalahari Desert. While his friends fly home, Anselm brings himself to continue the journey north alone. Cautiously at first and feeling quite exposed to his surroundings, he crosses bridges to various cultures and adapts their simple way of life. Step by step his incredible path unfolds and leads him through 15 countries of the African continent. His convictions to not buy water, travel only by his own strength, and camp in unimaginable places, challenge him over and over and lead him to extraordinary experiences full of adventures.

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