Fake, Stolen – Sold!

DW Transtel | 36 4854
30 mins / ep
Ep 2 – 6
TV Rights

There’s a lot of money to be made from art – legally and illegally. Speculators invest in works of art in the hope they appreciate more quickly than property or shares. Experts say that the third largest illegal trade worldwide is in art, behind drugs and arms. Top forgers make a fortune, and many in the international art world turn a blind eye to fraud if it is profitable. Criminals steal works in order to demand a ransom from their owners.

Fake, Stolen – Sold! shows just how much criminal energy and human resourcefulness are devoted to making money from art – and how the police and judiciary, scientists and the media seek to put a stop to their game.

02 The Big Bluff – Lucrative Forged Art Scams
03 The “Spanish Master“ – Magnificent Copies of Ancient Sculptures
04 Real or Fake? – How Investigators are Catching On
05 The Mystery of the Fake Mummy
06 Thieves in the Temple – Behind the Scenes of the International Art Market

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