Healing Explosions – Revolutionary Shock Wave Therapy

German (English coming soon)
1 x 45 min | 1 x 52 min

In 2023, a study at the Medical University Clinic for Cardiovascular Surgery in Vienna was prematurely terminated with the approval of the ethics committee. The reason: patients receiving only a placebo in this placebo-controlled, blinded study couldn’t be denied the real treatment, as it proved exceptionally effective. The groundbreaking treatment involves using a miniature ultrasound head, developed in Innsbruck, to administer a series of explosions to the dormant heart muscle at the end of a bypass operation, while patients are still under deep anesthesia on the heart-lung machine. Those treated experienced dramatically improved performance after the procedure. The documentary explores the development of this medical technology and current research developments in shockwave treatment through patient stories from across Austria. Individuals who have greatly benefited from shockwave technology share their experiences, alongside the work of doctors and scientists in Austria, Germany, and other countries.

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