Health Priceless

OneGate Media | 2017
1 x 30 min

These people have to come to terms with the daily madness of the American health system. Jessica suffers from multiple sclerosis. She is terminally ill, and due to her extremely high doctor’s bills, she had to declare private bankruptcy. Roughly 40% of Americans are in debt because of doctor’s or hospital bills. Yet no other country in the world pays more for its citizens’ healthcare than the USA. More than three trillion dollars. This is more than 10.000 dollars per head, which is more than double that of a country like Germany. Nonetheless, the USA is far behind when it comes to life expectancy. Irrespective of which health insurance politicians in Washington wrangle over, the real problem is the American Health System, which is overpriced and inefficient. And it’s the patients who pick up the tab.

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